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Serie: Dieser Künstler stellt Muskelmänner in beeindruckenden 3D Animationen dar!

Der französische Künstlern Alex Bronnings ist bei seinen Fans eher unter dem Namen Albron bekannt. Er erstellt beeindruckende Animationen von Muskelmännern in 3D und begeistert damit weltweit seine 60.000 Follower auf Instagram. 

In dieser Serie stelle ich euch regelmäßig einen Illustrator oder Künstler vor, der homoerotische Werke zeigt und den schwulen Mann in seiner Art und Weise verwirklicht. Albron ist nun der fünfte Künstler in dieser Reihe. Der 43 Jahre alte Franzose lebt in Paris und hat an der klassischen und damals recht konservativen Beaux-Art School in Nantes studiert. Die 3D Animation war also nicht Teil seines Studium und er brachte sich diese Kunst erst 2010 selbst bei.

Das Ergebnis kann sich durchaus sehen lassen und vor allem auch die Vielfalt der Figuren. Love It!

Hello everyone, Here’s the second image for May. A new character, Karl plays the sexy firefighter. As I was searching on the net for reference, I stumbled on this: @australianfirefighterscalendar And it gave me immediately the envy to make a tribute to these men. Because they are not playing firefighters… They are firefighters… With all the risks and the dangers that this mission represents. They are selling a calendar to help a foundation for hospitalized children. I’m getting mine right now!! 🙂 Dave Raciti who’s on the cover of the calendar and who inspired Karl, is really a tremendous athlete. I hope you’ll enjoy Karl, the image, and the calendar of these sexy Australian firefighters. I’ll do all the regular rewards for this image. The HD version is already available for my patrons. More infos on my work and how to become my patron on my Patreon page: www.patreon.com/albron Take a good care of yourself and I thank you so much for your incredible support. Thank you, guys, Alex #albronmuscle #gay #gayart #firefighter #blender #zbrush #sexy #calendar #muscle #instaart #instamuscle #ripped #handsome #artoftheday

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Hello, My last image of November!!! Patrons already can have the HD and uncropped version now. Naked version will be available tomorrow. Patrons are people that support me on patreon, helping me to make a living of my work. If you enjoy my images, become my patron, and you’ll get access to a lot of exclusive contents derived from my images (wallpapers, videos, extra renders, sketchfab, etc… ) www.patreon.com/albron And follow Song and his every day adventures with his mughty boyfriend Joe: @inkolloart @inkolloart Take a good care of yourself, Alex #albronmuscle #gay #muscular #muscle #cute #couple #songinkollo #gayart #cuddle #artoftheday #digitalart #pecs #nap #handsome #love #sexy #yessocksaresexy

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Something a bit different than what I usually do: A chunky boy!! Say Hi to Gerald!! ? I have to blur the sensitive area because of social meadow policy. But you can see the uncensored version of the image on my Patreon page. Naked version will be available for my donors, my patrons, later tonight. ? www.patreon.com/albron If you’re enjoying my work and wants to get exclusive contents, you can support me on Patreon. You can also buy my first calendar, available on my Etsy store, direct link in my bio. Take care, Alex #albronmuscle #muscle #homoerotic #gayart #artoftheday #bear #stockydaddy #chunky #chubby #beard #hairy #scruff #scruffy #bigboy #sexy #rugged #beefy #cute #instagay #instagood #instapic #handsome

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Hello, Here’s Derek, the first model of a series I’m starting, dedicated to gentle bad boys. ? There will be various types. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments. Patrons will receive the regular rewards for this image, including a version of this image without the shirt, and with the pants unbuttoned (with or without the shirt also). So 4 differents images and not 2. ??❤️ Maybe if I have the time, I’ll do a fully clothed version, with a long sleeve leather shirt molding his torso. 🙂 I hope you’ll like Derek. ? Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of him. If you want to support me as an artist and help me create more sexy images, become my patron on Patreon!! www.patreon.com/albron (Direct link in my bio) Thanks for your support this month. Alex #albronmuscle #gay #leather #muscle #malemodel #instagood #instagay #scruff #hairy #hairychest #sexy #hot #pecs #punk #badboy #gentlebadboy #cgi #3d #artoftheday

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Bild: Instagram/Albron


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