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Gus Kenworthy macht sich komplett nackig für ESPN-Shooting 2017

Der offen schwule Sportler Gus Kenworthy macht sich ja bekanntlich gerne nackig. Sei es für sein Instagram-Profil oder für den guten Zweck. Dieses Mal ging es um ein Shooting für das ESPN Magazin. 

Unter dem Namen „The Body Issue“ veröffentlicht das Sportmagazin ESPN 23 Athleten, die komplett nackt für posieren. Damit sollen alle möglichen Formen des menschlichen Körpers zelebriert werden. Dabei sind männliche als auch weibliche Profisportler aus den verschiedensten Sportarten und wie de ersten Bilder von Gus Kenworthy zeigen, scheinen das schöne Fotostrecken zu werden. 

Late night Grind(r) session. #BodyIssue

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Y’all wanted nudes? You got ‚em! ? So excited to finally get to show you guys my photos from the @ESPN Body Issue! Everything about this shoot was terrifying: I had to be naked, on a ski mountain, standing in the snow posing in-front of a crew of 16 people for six hours! Although that might sound like torture it actually ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It’s kind of crazy how quickly you can get comfortable in an awkward situation with just a few shots of tequila. Lol. I really can’t thank @benlowy (the photographer) and the rest of the crew enough for making me so comfortable and for doing everything to capture me in the best light possible. The Body Issue is, to me, a perfect combination of sport and art and I couldn’t be more proud or honored to have been a part of it! More pics to be posted soon but don’t forget to pick up your issue on newsstands this Friday, July 7th! #BodyIssue #BodyIssues #DaddyIssues

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Und wor wir schon dabei sind…so zeigt sich Gus auf seinem Instagram, wenn er mal kein Nackshooting hat:

Mountain Top. ?

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Sorry @mwilkas, but @Gillette is actually the best a man can get… ??‍♂️ . . . . . #ad

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Happy #NationalComingOutDay, everybody! The objective of this day, first and foremost, isn’t to force anybody out of the closet. That’s something you should do on your own time, when you feel safe, and when you are ready. Instead, today serves as a reminder not to let yourself be bullied into silence. A reminder to each of us to live our truest lives. A life we each define for ourselves, rather than one lived in fear or by other people’s expectations. I can honestly say that the best thing I’ve ever done for myself was taking the time to acknowledge my sexuality and then taking the leap of faith to come out. At some point the pain of holding onto the charade became greater than the fear of letting go and I’m happier than I’ve ever been because of it. Thankful everybody who came out before me and helped pave that road to make my trip a smooth one, hopefully it will be an even less bumpy ride for everybody in the future! ?️‍???

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Sitting down under down under.

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Bild: Instagram/guskenworthy – ESPN


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